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Apocalypse Sundae Books 1-3  When Neville Hazzard decides to quit the rat race and leave the suburbs of the late nineties behind he has no plan for the future beyond adding to his growing collection of pot plants. The rest he leaves to fate. 

And fate does indeed take a hand as things become increasingly chaotic for Neville - and for everyone else. Fate and the future don’t simply lie in wait but reach back through the cracks which appear in space and time along with a quirky collection of robots, androids, aged town councillors, a time travelling ice cream van and some wayward squid. Along the way there are voles, crates of illicit whisky, a good many gangsters and a self made bishop, amongst much else. 

Tricky to sum up in few words, Apocalypse Sundae is a humorous and fast paced tale of entertaining chaos. And yes, there’s a bit of existential angst in there as well!

This volume contains Books 1 to 3 in the series - edited to read as a single continuous storyline. Books 1,2 and 3 are also available as separate volumes.

Available as Kindle eBooks from Amazon - Compilation edition also available from Amazon as a paperback.